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    Become a Unifier!

    The single most valuable thing you can do right now to help support America Together is to try the exercises in our Unifier app and leave your feedback. Do it!

  • Ways to get involved

    There are various ways that individuals and organizations can champion America Together.

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    Artists and musicians can help create campaign artwork, collaborate with influencers to design co branded merchandise and use their talents to spread our message.

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    Brands can sponsor America Together by teaming up with influencers, promoting challenges and hosting special events.

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    Local communities can make the campaign their own, decorating their towns, creating special events, and inviting business owners, institutions and families to participate.

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    Employers can encourage employees to participate and promote a culture of greater understanding within their organization.

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    Restaurants, coffee shops and other venues can make "breaking bread" even more enticing by offering discounts to participating patrons.

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    Influencers can bring the campaign to life by inviting their fans, modeling the "breaking bread" challenge and creating co-branded merchandise to help sustain the campaign and their own efforts.

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    Media companies and journalists can raise awareness, explore the challenges and tell the human stories that emerge.

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    Schools, churches, sports teams and other organizations can embrace America Together and vie with each other to mobilize participation.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

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    Tell us about how you can help us champion America Together.

  • You believe that ideology

    shouldn't divide us

    You care about others

    even when you disagree

    You want to learn how to listen,

    be heard, and move forward together





    You believe America is

    stronger together




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