• Together is a global initiative to overcome polarization. It involves a series of programs and campaigns that build capacity from the bottom up, empowering individuals to address social division in their families and community.

    America Together is our kickoff campaign to address polarization in the United States. It seeks to mobilize a million Americans to participate in a series of challenges that build capacity for cross ideology connection.

  • Our Mission



    Our mission is to help individuals, families and communities strengthen their relationships in the face of powerful polarizing ideological forces.



  • What is our theory of change?


    Social polarization is a dynamic process that can be reversed. Human societies are similar to living systems where individuals impact the whole and vice versa. By empowering individuals with new disruptive skills we can strengthen human connections and build new ones.


    Likeness in ideology shapes our
    group identity


    Group identity is defined in opposition to an out-group

    When people suffer they blame out-groups and harden boundaries


    Broaden basis for shared group identity beyond ideology


    Define out-groups based on values rather than ideology

    Empower people with new skills for cross-ideology interaction

  • Team & Advisors


    Travis Granfar


    Director of Bestir Group and Together. Former attorney with Ropes & Gray LLP, lecturer in ethics and innovation at Parsons New School, volunteer lawyer at Oxfam, NGO delegate at U.N. Subcommittee on Human Rights, entrepreneur and investor.

    Na'im Moore


    Communications specialist working with MNCs, organizations, and innovators. Clients include Microsoft, NGOs, universities, startups, and prominent authors. Prior development work with UNICEF and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

    Artis Apskalns


    Business manager at LICIOUS and lvl Design with multiple years of experience within marketing, sales and design across various industries. Working with clients such as Civic Financial, Crossknowledge, Comerica, Jackson Lewis and others.

    Marina Terteryan

    Service Design

    Service, transformational experience and systems design. Design instructor at General Assembly.

    Marisol Enciso


    BA in International Relations. Researcher, analyst and content developer.

    Alya Alnoaimi


    Founder @ Openthink, an innovation strategy consultancy with a dynamic approach to business challenges producing value through transformative, cutting edge solutions. Innovation Advisor, Strategic Design and Management specialist with background in Political Science.

    Adam Hayes


    Partner & Founder at Openshop. Physical UX expert and a Systems Architect driven by Deep Play. Faculty of Strategic Design + Management at Parsons New School. Clients include Nike, Artsee, Silverneedle, McDonald’s, QT and Gordon Development.

    Phillip Wilson


    With 15 years of experience within technical roles, Phil has led and worked in teams of varying sizes and on projects of differing scale and complexity. Brings a solid foundation in methodical research and knowledge within business sector.

    Ricki Peralta


    Senior Graphic Designer. Branding, web design and editorial design for new companies.

    Shannon Leigh


    Former head of digital production for Hearst Magazines responsible for the creation of digital video content for Elle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Car and Driver and other brands. Seasoned television producer with Disney and BBC. Prior philanthropic work at NSPCC and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

    Jeff Eisenberg


    Long time production executive at Disney’s ABC network and Vice President of Production at WEtv. Veteran television producer experienced in development of multiple award winning television series including The View and Good Morning America.

    Jennifer Rittner


    Founder @ Content Matters. Led Art Access II - designed to increase museum attendance among under-served communities through education and community outreach. Faculty @Parsons, @FIT. currently @SVA Products of Design teaching design for social impact. Writer & lecturer about design and social justice.

    Sara Awada


    Researcher, Strategist & Account Manager at CUBOCC. Business dev. at Magid.

    Kevin Bracken


    Marketing and social media expert, post-exit startup founder, event production-obsessed.

    Jon Clinkenbeard


    Content and Media Storyteller, Virtual Reality Filmmaker. Creative Director and Brand Strategy.

  • Advisors

    Dr. John Woodall


    Board Certified Psychiatrist formerly of the faculty of Harvard Medical School. Founder, Unity Project.

    Jason Ighani


    Co-Founder, KITE. Founder, The Humanitarian Coaching Network. Team Design Specialist.

    Cynthia Artin


    President of Artin Arts, a strategic market- ing, branding and communications company headquartered in New York. Clients include private equity groups, hedge funds and venture capital firms, supporting their port- folio companies with growth strategies and market positioning. Prior philanthropic work at Birds Nest Foundation.

    Roy Steiner


    Managing Director Food Initiative at The Rockefeller Foundation. PhD in Agricultural Engineering with a decade leading agricultural development initiatives at the Gates Foundation. Ex. Director of Learning and Impact at the Omidyar Network.

    Dan Makoski


    Leading design at Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Dell, United Airlines, among many others.

    Dr. Jonathan Jelen


    Strategic Design and Management at Parson’s New School. Ex. VP sales and marketing at MIS.

    Lauren Weinstein


    Expert speaking coach focused on increasing impact through compelling messages.

    Andalib Khelghati


    Urban education and leadership expert with a focus on children and communities.

  • Who is behind Together?

    America Together is organized by Bestir Group, a non-political, non-partisan organization focused on bringing positive social cohesion through creative interventions. In 2018, Bestir Group was hired by Omidyar Network to study the issue of polarization in the U.S. along with other experts. Its work was published in a document called the Interdependence Papers which can be found here.