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  • America Together is a movement to address polarization that begins with challenging a million Americans to befriend someone with profoundly different ideas

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    What is our goal?

    America Together is building a movement of "unifiers" – people who want to learn how to better coexist in our diverse country. Our goal is to build capacity at scale for a pluralistic and interdependent society.

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    How does it work?

    The America Together campaign is organized around a series of "challenges" starting with Breaking Bread. Each challenge will be revealed gradually. Before launching the first challenge (piloted in 2019), we are building a community of unifiers on our Unifier App.

  • Campaign Roadmap

    Early Pilots

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    America Together has been piloting its programs since 2019, learning alongside local partners to understand how to design a campaign at scale. We've also built a coalition of partners, volunteers and supporters to advance our mission.


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    As we launch the Unifier App, the America Together Campaign aims to build an active community that's learning about unity-building in their own local context. Building a positive community environment is key before launching a wider platform.


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    Once our community of unifiers reaches critical mass, the America Together Campaign will begin mobilizing a million Americans to take part in a series of cross-ideology challenges. Anybody can sign up as an individual, group of friends, family, school or company.
  • Progress to Date

    Updated November, 2020 ​

    156 joined

    Over a hundred and fifty people have signed up to receive our updates and follow us on social media (we haven't launched yet!)

    2 schools

    Two schools (in Seattle WA and Atlanta GA) and have approached us about using Together materials in their curriculum.

    1 city

    The city of Gettysburg, PA, famous for President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has partnered with America Together.

    70 funders

    Over seventy individuals have contributed funds toward the success of the America Together Campaign.

    6 influencers

    Six influencers with a total of almost 3 million followers that have pledged to support the campaign.

    14 pilots

    Fourteen pilots of breaking bread were conducted around the country, learning with our community about what works and what doesn't.

    1 app

    We've built a prototype of the Unifier app, now available for anyone to download, which will help us learn more and build our community.


    We have about 40 people so far using the Unifier app, although this number is changing almost daily.

  • FAQs

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    What is our goal?

    Our goal is to mobilize a million Americans to participate in one or more of the challenges.

    Who is the campaign for?

    The campaign is for Americans of all ages, regions and political stripes. We will start by focusing on youth aged 12-30.

    What about the rest of the world?

    Our first campaign is focused on the U.S. After that we hope to bring similar campaigns to other parts of the world.

    What outcomes do we expect?

    We expect to learn a whole lot about what it takes to bring Americans together across profoundly different ideologies.

    How will we track participation?

    There will be online and mobile sign-ups to help us track participation, as well as social metrics.

    How do the challenges address polarization?

    The challenges are based on research about what it takes to bridge out-group polarization and have been designed for mass participation.

    Why should I participate?

    You should participate if unity, understanding, dialogue, respect and love are values that you also cherish.