• Breaking Bread

    Befriend someone with different convictions

    Saturday July 24, 2022

  • About Breaking Bread

    Breaking Bread is based on years of experience about what it takes to overcome division. The goal is not to debate or change anyone. Rather, we want to connect on a deeper level in simple and surprising ways through a universal custom of breaking bread. Watch an intro video by Travis:


  • Breaking Bread + Woopdo

    Saturday June 24, 2022



    Breaking Bread is an initiative by America Together where you share a coffee or meal with someone with profoundly different ideas and we take you through a transformative journey through our guided experience.


    Woopdo allows you to organize “guided activities” for your community in a totally new way. We've partnered with Woopdo to launch the next Breaking Bread experience on July 24, 2022.

  • How to participate

    Sign up

    Sign up and you'll get an email with an online event link to use to join the Breaking Bread experience.


    Find a partner – a friend, family member, or colleague with a different background or views.

    During Breaking Bread you'll explore each others beliefs, values, hopes and fears. You'll be surprised what you learn!

    Break Bread

    On July 24, join the link and follow our guided video journey through an interactive experience.


    Record a 30-second video using our app and tell the world what you loved about the experience.

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